Base Earthing System

Base Earthing System

Base Earthing System, Base Earthing System Turkey

Base Earthing System is the earthing system which consists of conductors that are installed into base concrete by linking to construction irons. Generally 30x3 galvanized earthing tape is used as it is conductive. Galvanized conductive tape is installed into concrete vertically and is linked to construction irons in certain spans. 

To complete the connections of the earthing system, connecting terminals are extracted from certain points to the outside. In addition to this, if there is outside lightning systems in the building, connecting terminals must be left to make the connection to the outside lightning earthing system. After that when the outside lightning system is installed, outside lightning earthing system and base earthing system are connected.

Connectors ;

Connectors; are used to connect earthing rod and earthing conductor. If is also used to link thick section conductors each other. Connectors are used to link the same of different conductor parts to each other compatibly. 

For instance, earthing rod and earthing tape are different materials. Connectors connect these two conductors which are in different shapes and dimensions and enable the continuity of earthing line smoothly.